Adventures On The Isle Of MU - Free Novel by ElaineWinters

A new concept of what man made islands can be. Imagine a 3d printed ‘ice burg’ made of graphene reinforced foam. Living space not only on the surface but tunneled throughout the island. Have a read, leave a review and let me know what you think.

Thank you.

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and the post must be at least 20 charactes

Well, I gave it another try. I got to chapter 5 of 20.
It is OK, somehow Ayn Rand -ish. To me.

May be Ms Elaine Winters would like to develop a dialog:

Did you want to mention this novel on TSI site,
or anyone would mind if I mention it?

I wanted to give it some publicity. Elaine and I are both characters in the book. I’m Michael Shultzinger. I thought it might be fun, for your “favorite characters” to be able to have a conversation with readers.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it more. Yes I did want folks to look at the ideas. It’s libertarian Rand-ish, the second book about the second island Atlantis is going to be more leftish leaning libertarian with things like Universal Basic Income. It’s in editing now.

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It is a bit bizarre for me to have a conversation with a fictional character,
but I guess, we are all fictional characters of our own minds.

Thank you, but I would not like to participate in such an adventure.
I am looking for reality, to build things into reality.

I would be interested in another kind of dialog.

Best of luck for doing it for real. I’ve found that the best way to get something done is to turn it into the dream of many. People wanted star trek style communicators and we got flip phones. People wanted “tricorders” and well they just hit the market with one. I want people to want to print floating islands, with their own digital currencies backed by something other than hype. To have real economies and be free enterprise zones where innovation can take place outside of the burdensome over regulation of traditional governments I think the best way to make it real, is to make it a shared dream first.

I mean that, best of luck to you. Who knows maybe we’ll all get private floating islands one day because of a shared dream, and people wanting it bad enough to make it real.

Well, I like this dialog as it is.
I would like to stay as close to reality as possible.
I understand that my screen name is not really my true name, though there is some
connection to reality. English is not my native language.

I am sorry, that I cannot enter into a futuristic dungeons and dragons game.
I would like to keep the conversation on a positive level. I accept your ideas as valid for you,
but for me that might not work. Instead of criticism of the ideas, I would like to express gratitude
for receiving an answer from you.

The digital currency and the backing of it is an interesting idea. I am not an economist.
I have seen and lived in different economic systems. I have first hand experience comparing
different economic systems.

“… people wanting it bad enough to make it real…” might depend on the individual too.
I have to live in a perception where I follow the idea of " Faith without works is dead."

Thank you for your kind words. I hope for further dialog.
Best luck to you too,
Best regards;


JW Bruns: Liberty Awash

Thanks! I’ll take a look.

I finished reading the Adventures on the Isle of MU. I did read the whole thing.

OK, because I just gotta know, what part do you most wish we had?

Usually it is either the Island or an Ulli, is the answer I get. I’m interested in what you liked best. Also what you think could have been done better.

Oh and thanks for the Inkitt review.

I like the ethical and moral dissection of the US dollar, reserve banking, and
the MU Sovereign and the Atlantis Sovereign, and the exchange, and the
"Please do warn them!" That is in chapter 9.

What could have been done better is a difficult question. I am not a writer,
and English is not my native language.

What part do I wish most, we had: we probably do have most of it right now, it is
just not accessible to anyone. The vital sign monitoring, and evaluation and data
keeping is an interesting possibility of health care.

And I am still a kind of reality person. I am into ring weaving used car tires into a
large structure, and into biorock stalactite forming with 3d printing rocks out of seawater
with electrolysis. This might sound a bit sci-fi, but it is not just impossible, but already done.
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion is an interesting thing, and one of my hobby is building
thermodynamic heat engines.

May be more later. I will try to be more humble.

Doesn’t sound too scifi to me. Chainmaille out of old tires is an interesting concept but I don’t know how workable it is for flotation. Still a very interesting concept and I may work it into a chapter on recapturing farmland run off at some point. I see it as more valuable there, reclaiming eroding topsoil.

Also thermal engines are very interesting. I’m a big advocate for thorium reactors. Super efficient thermal engines could be very useful.

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Old tires to remedy top soil erosion is interesting.

There is a place TSI web site: . I wrote there more about some of my ideas.
However the main theme would be; boats on open ocean deep sea mooring.
Deep sea mooring would be made out of used tires linked together.
Hopefully some of the tire recycle fee would be paid to the end user. $1.75 per tire.
To anchor underwater buoys 50 feet below the surface and grow kelp between the buoy and
the surface. May be fish would show up too, and may be boats can be moored on it too.
A multiple matrix of anchored buoys into the Pacific Ocean close to San Diego, but
outside territorial waters of USA, and outside territorial waters of Mexico too.

Heat engines: temperature gravity wheel (Minto).
Very small temperature difference can make mechanical movement.

Crook’s radiometer (that light bulb kind of thing with spinning vanes in it)
Works on the theory of thermal transpiration. Could be very high efficiency.

I got to the point that I have built working models of each. It is a hobby.

thorium reactor: no nukes for me.

Well mooring ships is one use, though I don’t know too much about how that will work with storms.

Your kelp idea, makes me think a bit of the Eden International Wildlife Park in the second book. After the plastic mass in the pacific is melted into spongy islands, they want to use CRISPER to graft salt water plants into land based plants to cover the islands.

Thorium, you should read up on it. Not traditional nukes by a long stretch, and actually can be used to help clean up existing waste materials. Still man’s gotta choose where to put his funds, and if cheap solar is available there is less demand for thorium though I still think it will have it’s applications, just as fusion will.

Have you looked into submerged balloons? Basically your thermal engines pump air below the water surface constantly and then the pressure pushes it back up so it works like a battery. They’re working on something on those principles out in California if I remember the vid right.

Well, let me suggest what you should do.

Hehe, I got you. I would never do such of thing.
I appreciate your friendship far too more.

Suggest away! Friends do that. Especially when they’ve found something cool they think the other would like