Adventures On The Isle Of MU - Free Novel by ElaineWinters


You seem to know more about fiction and writing than I do.


Heat engines… I had an idea, not that I’m sure others haven’t been thinking of it, still, if you had a Fresnel lens to supply heat, and say sub 30’ ocean depth to be your heat sink on the other side. How much energy could you generate off of say a buoy or floating dock?

Would it power a cryptocurrency miner for instance? What do you think?


Some electric energy could be generated, in my opinion. The efficiency is a question.
Fluctuation would be a question, such as climate and seasons.
Cryptocurrency computation would probably involve internet access, but, yes.
I thought about placing solar panels in my backyard to run bitcoin miners.

Summers have high temperatures, where I live.
Electric generation for the grid requires grid connection building.
Using generated electricity to run crypocurrency miners would be the way to avoid
dealing with the grid.

To me it seems to be a good idea.


Sorry been a bit since I checked this… as for internet access, 5G is coming. Just a thought


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Michael, would you be able to convince the author to publish a couple of teasers of the novel? I found that many scenes imagined the floating island much like we do. The moonlit balcony, or the crisscross of shops, or maybe the privacy booth-grottoes?


Sorry I’m late replying been working on a lot of things lately. The whole book is out there on Inkitt under Elaine Winters. Where would I publish these “teasers” that would make them more accessible?


Maybe expand on that?


going to read that…


I liked it a lot better than any other floating city literature of this and the past century!


that is a recommenation that counts - in my universe - definitly reading it…


Just finished reading.



is this pure phantasy or is it a business plan hidden out in the open…


@ellmer Well this is more like the original Star Trek. Something to inspire the nerds who want their own Ulli. I mean they used the early communicators and when that generation was grown we had flip phones. This is what I think could happen if there were a place that could start from the ground up and not be a patch of existing special interests trying to maintain a status quo.


@Michael | yes i am one of the star treck generation and still wondering why our cellphones are not simply quiet until we say “Scotty Beam me up…” it never happend in Jean Roddenberryies scripts that the insurance company calls Capatin Kirk while in a important meeting with the Klingons to offer him an insurance upgrade … :blush:

… so the novel is a kind of “fishing to see what it brings up” ?


@Michael | Michael, can you give Elaine Winters e-mail to Mati so he can send her the invitation to open a user here…

I am sure we can give a lot of input for the second novel

suggestion: Return to the Island of Mu

With more invitations and more technologies comming in rocket fast…

PS: i noticed that you and Elaine are following my twitter now - welcome !

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A glimpse into the Golden Age!


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Figuring out that government isn’t the solution it is the problem is half the battle.


You realize that Elaine and I are characters by the same author? We just thought it would be nice if your favorite book character could post updates about their “off screen” adventures, or occasionally send a fan a like on something or a retweet. David Rosen also has a spot over on where he talks about finance as the chief economist of the Isle of MU.

Glad you’re all enjoying this so much.


@Michael you have the self awareness of a feral Ullie!


Funny you should mention Feral Ullies. It was a concept. Given over in favor of the Ulli preserve but there was some thought to it. I mean what happens to bits and pieces of forgotten and/or obsolete code left running in the unused cycles of the big computer farms? Ah well maybe that’s a book of it’s own as Tomorrowverse gets closer to the Singularity.