Archipelago floating islands - Ocean Floating City and home

Glimpses of a man made island or Archipelago
Matias Volco Design interpretation of Wilfried Ellmer 's “Bubble Cluster” concept -

<img src="/uploads/db7667/original/1X/9cc684df9a4a6994146046ab9b834996f3f0224a.jpg"width=“690” height=“323”>

Concrete Submarine Construction
Ocean Business Alliance

Whow Mati - that is pure genius !!! - What a vision, what an Art ! This is definitly taking the lead in ocean colonization…

Thank you Wil! Let’s make it an affordable reality

I am sure we can - we just need the right investorpool… :+1:

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With plentiful possibilities for interior volumes a Ramform Base can concentrate most human activity near pristine coastal marine ambients

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