Farmed Fish Seasteading


• Russ George deserves a Nobel Prize. What he has pointed at, is a solution how to save Humanity from starving.

• His critics operate under the false illusion that “business as usual” and “hands off geoengineering” is a feasible way" for the next 3 decades to come up.

• The madness is not in making a serious effort for ocean domestication the madness is thinking we can go on with “business as usual” in the next three decades comming up…

• The madness is not let science free and unrestricted to have “reasonable experiments” to improve the productivity of the ocean - the madness is to believe a “restriction of scientific and technological development” will make us safer. It will directly lead us to a situation where only 1 of 4 families has food on the table.

• If scholastics and a turning back on enlightenment and reason is going to become mainstream in politics a Oceanic Breakaway Civilization is the only adequate answer.

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• An additional billion per decade no signifficant change on the horizon. Slowdown prognosis driven by hope for less children in industrialized countries all went down the toilet…

• Something signifficant in food production increase needs to be done and quick.

• Agriculture as we know it is already pushing its limits.

• Russ George is pointing in the only feasible direction…

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• We live in a oceanic spaceship - each spezies extintcion event is like a rivet popping out of the life support sistem.

• Rivets are popping out on absolutly alarming rates since the early seventies when the human population had a "barley sustainable number of 3,5 billion

• Today we are at least 2 times above the “naturally sustainable rate of 3,5 billion” at the impressive number of 7,5 - some studies even suggest we are not only 2 times “above natural sustainable limit” we are already 3 times above it.

• This means geoengineering of the biggest habitat of the planet - the oceans - for food production is not only “on the table” it is a “urgent survival need” .

• We do not have the time for endless political tainted blabla anymore - we need to start DOING things now. We “need to take a shot” according to the best guess available. Just as your medic is giving you medicin althogh he does not know anything and everything about your body - and probably never will.

The planet and its fish populations are SICK - Russ George gives us a feasible and tested pill to cure ocean pastures - with an acceptable safety margin - not using it for political reasons - is highly irresponsible and a crime against mankind as it exposes us to a monumental food crisis.


• Oceanic Transhumanism | Civilization class 1 capable to manage its home planet completly |
• Seasteading as key technology to manage the planet | heal and seed the ocean | farm the ocean | produce carbon neutral bio fuel on large scale |

@Russ_George |

The core problem is that in complex affairs, like ocean pasture management, everybody can present his “interest tainted opinion” to a thumb voter folk only interested in yellow TV and reality shows and gain elections on that base.

| Brexit | Chavez | Trump | what more examples of politics catastrophicly failing to deal with the complexity of our world and “taking good decisions” do we need.

The “natural interest” of the CO2 lobby to maintain the problem and convert it into an argument to create a politics of more taxation and more big government that “shovels political power to their interest group” instead of solving the problem is just another sad example.

Politics itsef has converted into a reality show of “panem et circenses” rendering serious cientific work and reason of argument frequently irrelevant.

What we need is responsible leadership and action…based on reason and science - not politics.

This makes your work of “doing something” and “pointing the practical finger at it” so important.

The size and nature of the experiment does not exceed what a healthy whale population (with its iron rich dumpings) would do with the ocean anyhow - if they would not have been driven to near extinction by industrial whaling.

I have a couple of practical suggestions i would like to discuss with you in a non public space1…

Imagine a floating entity that does not cater to any politician on the globe but is only driven and handled by open source cientific research and human base ethics doing what is right and necessary for humanity instead of being blinded and driven by partistic political worldviews and interests.

Global mobil out of jurisdiction for everybody.

• …redistribute trillions every year in climate taxes… | it is well known that taxation and politization (big government) is “making the goat the gardener…” the worst kind of action we can take.

• Seasteading is about getting rid of politics in all its forms and getting stuff done beyond short sighted politics.

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