Floating family sized houses - Safety First


We picture the tubular home, although it could also be a pod, having a “prow” on one or both ends, much like this:

This could be attached to each other in a flexible, energy producing (a pump at minimum!) set up, the Sea Train:

Or be attached to some a backbone extending from a bigger structure like a lens or ramform.

This backbone could also act as communications and piping.
It could be non flexible:

Or have different degrees of flexibility:

Here the underwater backbone also is used for piping and maintenance or service communication. A multitude of gangways, and floating docks create a perfectly customizable exterior streetscape

Much like a plant, it may straight like a woody trunk:

or curved and flexible like a spring stem



a helpful interactive view:

and the downloadable model available to the World!


Porch on the sea

<img src="/uploads/db7667/original/1X/9606c92312ff9e32d548aadfbf6cc1a89173ea69.jpg" width=“690” height="306"byb

Enhanced vegetation people and boats


Matias thanks for your generous share of the basic sketchup models…


rigid fixture possibility


An array of sea houses “hanging” from an artificial or natural island