Floating Venice


This is what kerims group is planning…

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OK maybe I’ve got tunnel vision but just like with the Eden International Preserve where you have multiple floating islands connected together with little canals of open water, why wouldn’t a new Venice be constructed to not just have water around it, but canals through it to allow for movement in little canal boats rather than vehicles. Though only electric or human powered so they aren’t a noise issue.


@Michael | yes a sparse connection of units is what we are targeting in the cholon project - it is individual floating homes (of different make and style) in a marina type service grid rather than a solid island that works like a ship. But there are multiple colors and tastes to the concept of ocean colonization many options are feasible.

It is rather a "cluster of things" (walkways, floating homes, yachts ) than a single piece of rigid ship type marine engineering...

picture it something like this…

But certainly there will also be seasteads that work like a cruiseship and can manouver like a ship as you envision it in “Adventures at the ile of Mu” anything is on the table.

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