Land Banking in Uruguay -Beachsteading - Invest

Any piece of undeveloped property within the Republica Oriental del Uruguay steadily and inexorably appreciates.

The Atlantic Coastline (Maldonado, and Rocha) of vast sandy dunes and deserted beaches is already subdivided in a string of small towns and suburbs which remain mostly undeveloped. Much of that property is intentionally not developed and not on sale as Uruguay’s Solid Institutions including its Land Registry coupled with old timey Swiss-style privacy standards in banking make these minimially-taxed sandy blue chips a tried and true way to keep and increase your assets.

Eventually you may decide to sell some land or develop it into a vacation home.

Foreign Tourists, Residents, and Citizens are all treated equally under the law, both officially and culturally.

URUGUAY Build you zero footprint home on the sand
SEASTEADING Home on the high seas
CANAL BOATS - PENICHES your spacious apartment in France


Both of these parcels of beachfront underdeveloped land are on sale at the moment. Both are about 1/8 Acre or 500m2 but one costs $40,000 while the other $400,000 because one is 40 mins closer to a trendy town frequented by celebrities than the other. Can you guess which?

Naturally the farther away from the ocean, the less expensive it gets, so garden lovers can buy their parcel for less than 18,000USD.

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@admin - That is awsome info - invest in Latin America as good as it gets…

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Thank you Wil, I believe Uruguay and Colombia are the best examples of the diversity just within South America.


@MatiasVolco You have access to this kind of site and will actually build earthships there ? Sand covered dome structures that mimic sand dunes ? - that sounds exciting ! What a development opportunity !

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Immediate access to such pieces of sandy freehold property as pictured above.
There is a variety of ways to enjoy a private shelter on the Atlantic Coast of Uruguay either through direct ownership or through diverse Beach Clubs we are beginning to shape.

Sound interesting can you talk about the plans here in public - or are you under a NDA agreement ?

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As Wallstreet is looking forward to poor returns on investment (2%) land banking in Uruguay is a safe haven with high yield - that should be attractive to the global investor community !

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I encourage an open conversation. If at any point an interested observer wants to start a private conversation I’m also up for a private talk.(eaily done by signing up and sending me a private message, or an email, or skype msg @ matias.volco )

The sandy coast of Uruguay, that is the affordable suburbs of Punta del Este, is in constant and steady expansion. Investing in a residential parcel in a neighbourhood before the 50% threshold of development, is a safe and easy way to double your investment in only a few years.
The parcel sells as easily as stock when placed just 10% below market value.

People have been using Uruguay for Land Banking for a century now, immune from wars, booms and busts, and other interesting events that affect the World of which Uruguay is only marginally part of.

I think potential investors reading this should open a boardroom and starting to talk the insider details with you…:relaxed:

Can you publish here something like a chart showing the price development over the last 20 years ?

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My proposal #UruguayBeachfront focuses on uninhabited. or recently inhabited stretches of sandy residential (and light commercial) subdivisions. In the example of Playa Chihuahua, in Punta Ballena we see one of the best connected, and even most populated of the proposals I bring to the table.

You are still on time to acquire pristine beachfront parcels in spots of Uruguay that are still around the corner of becoming chic, expensive, or even on the map!

Beach of Rocha. View from the Golden Pot.

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Just sign up and we’ll have a boardroom to discuss your side or main projects in a private space

Get a Foothold on the Sand before each neighborhood becomes half built up!

@admin, That is a powerfull chart showing a steady yield on investment from 2000 to 2016 - outperforming the S&P 500 index multiple times…investors should go away from Wallstreet and get invested in Uruquay land titles…

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Live your best life in Uruguay



@MatiasVolco | do investors already knock your door - understanding that Real Estate in Uruquay is a grand slam…

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