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Matias Volco Design
Contained Civilization | Underwater Habitat




#Oceansphere | Human Habitat

Matias Volco Design


Wonderfull Concept Pictures !!!

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Thank you Ellmer. jumpstart your own vision

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Have you seen this?

If you do not like, I delete it. But we are sinking to the level of TSI.
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@spark | … some 40 years ago when i was on “Popular Mechanics insight level” as a school kid…

• seriously - check | concretesubmarine.com | to see what is happening on the cutting edge… (the article is ill written and technical wrong…to make it worse…)

I dived my first self designed and built minisub around age 15 (reached 120m depth) at that time i was already laughing at this report… i am 56 today…

It is about global leadership in ocean colonization technology - senior league - the rise of New Venice, and New Atlantis

… not obsolete russian cold war stuff (ill) interpreted by popular mechanics (without a shred of insight) - you must be freaking kidding man…:rofl:

@MatiasVolco | is lead designer of the oceanic business alliance™ - this is not the TSI forum where the main posters write from the lunipit…some serious people here…

The ocean sphere is one of the concepts to make P.K. Mehtas prediction a reality…

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@MatiasVolco ??? what is your forum politics ? - should we delete the whole “popular mechanics” thing ?

I’m afraid I missed it! I can only speculat about Sparky’s point

he put this old popular mechanics article with the question “have you seen that ?” was my answer too open and to less filtered - he seems to be somehow “offended by the answer”… it is my unfiltered thinking - was that to direct ? - what is your forum politics ?

I strongly encourage users to feel comfortable here, no need to erase content, as your content will not be meddled with.

there is no need to modulate technical observations to not offennd the anonymous user online, either.

This is a forum about the future.

No, but maybe this situation suggests an easylink to Pressurized Vessels FAQ? again? Is it too redundant?