Pacific Ring Weave


Ringweave dictionary:



In this picture the rings are folded into each other for smaller storage space.
But it might be still understandable what the rings are.
Rings are what left after cutting off the sidewalls of a tire.


Ringweave dictionary:

“strip cut half rings”

It is possible to cut a ring half to produce two loops.
Butty Manufacturing calls it strip cutting. They use the TC100 machine to strip cut.

I used a reciprocal saw.

This picture shows two strip cut half rings linked to each other.


Ringweave dictionary:

" strip cut quoter ring"

It is possible to further cut a strip cut half ring into two half loops.
Half of the half makes a quoter.


Ringweave dictionary:


Strip cut quoter rings can be linked into each other.


Ringweave dictionary:

“linked line”

Multiple strip cut quoter rings can be linked into a line:


Here are machines you can buy to cut tires:

Sidewall remover only $4100 :slight_smile:


First part of this video shows the sidewall cutter in use.



Ring weave dictionary: “woven sheet”

A flat ; 2 dimensional sheet like object could be called a woven sheet.


Ring weave dictionary: “quad”

The basic unit of this type of weaving seems to the four tires linked together.
I would like to call the four tires linked together a quad.

The belts of his one is made of tires that the sidewalls were removed, but he belts were not cut.


Ring weave dictionary: “quad center”

The center of a quad could be called a quad center.

The number of the quad centers could be used to determine a size of a woven sheet.



Ring Weave dictionary: “quad centers in a woven sheet”

It is possible to observe quad centers in a woven sheet:



Ring weave dictionary: “holes”

It is also possible to observe holes in is a woven sheet. I would like to call them holes.



Quad centers:




Ring weave dictionary: " woven tube" or just “tube”

A sheet can be woven closed to form a tube.



What would be the smallest diameter tube, practically woven, expressed in the
number of quad centers on its perimeter, using belts made out of tires?


woven tube

( Computer image by Coboy Kim Cowdroy )

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( Computer image by Coboy Kim Cowdroy )


woven tube:



woven tube with floaters and sinkers: (in a tank)