Pacific Ring Weave


Ringweave dictionary:

“strip cut half rings”

It is possible to cut a ring half to produce two loops.
Butty Manufacturing calls it strip cutting. They use the TC100 machine to strip cut.

I used a reciprocal saw.

This picture shows two strip cut half rings linked to each other.


Ringweave dictionary:

" strip cut quoter ring"

It is possible to further cut a strip cut half ring into two half loops.
Half of the half makes a quoter.


Ringweave dictionary:


Strip cut quoter rings can be linked into each other.


Ringweave dictionary:

“linked line”

Multiple strip cut quoter rings can be linked into a line:


Here are machines you can buy to cut tires:

Sidewall remover only $4100 :slight_smile:


First part of this video shows the sidewall cutter in use.



Ring weave dictionary: “woven sheet”

A flat ; 2 dimensional sheet like object could be called a woven sheet.


Ring weave dictionary: “quad”

The basic unit of this type of weaving seems to the four tires linked together.
I would like to call the four tires linked together a quad.

The belts of his one is made of tires that the sidewalls were removed, but he belts were not cut.


Ring weave dictionary: “quad center”

The center of a quad could be called a quad center.

The number of the quad centers could be used to determine a size of a woven sheet.



Ring Weave dictionary: “quad centers in a woven sheet”

It is possible to observe quad centers in a woven sheet:



Ring weave dictionary: “holes”

It is also possible to observe holes in is a woven sheet. I would like to call them holes.



Quad centers:




Ring weave dictionary: " woven tube" or just “tube”

A sheet can be woven closed to form a tube.



What would be the smallest diameter tube, practically woven, expressed in the
number of quad centers on its perimeter, using belts made out of tires?


woven tube

( Computer image by Coboy Kim Cowdroy )

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( Computer image by Coboy Kim Cowdroy )


woven tube:



woven tube with floaters and sinkers: (in a tank)



woven sheet ( Computer image by Coboy Kim Cowdroy )