Pacific Ring Weave


Bamboo and Coconut fiber are definitely among the list of materials;


no i mean follow your design but just use bamboo and coconut fiber as the material.

native material would be very important for controling the cost


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well its all happend on mainland when you talk about the low cost, but how about the deliver fee?

unless we build a oceanic based garbage processing base, we canot got lots of these modern factoried material in cheap price. well maybe we could really build such base? as i knew, china had already banned the importing of US waste. but this is still a daily need service and got much higher profit.


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isnt that we were talking about the floating island based on pacific ocean?
or you just want to built one near malaysia?


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ok i got the wrong memories about your ID and goals


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Spark I am glad you took the time to post this very promising angle here on this neutral space.
I’d like to think of this site as an offshore moon of seasteading.

I also noticed you brought together the collaborative efforts of @KimCowdroy and @GerdWeiland

@yunfan in China accidentally stumbling upon this thread also instantly understood your point of an unlimited, illited, raft weaving.

It would appear this goes in the direction of vastly improving on Rishie Sowa s Plastic Bottle Mangrove Island


Can we invite Gerd Weiland to this forum ?


Absolutely I believe he may feel more comfortable to share his experience


After all he is the only one (i know about) who has been there and done that on a 20m scale…


I don’t know, I wanted to ask him to share more about the Kron Tiki,
how big was Spiral Island in Mejico?


Kon-Creaky was the name of the Weiland vessel…if i recall it right…

Gerd seems to have turned his back on the TSI forum…


Creaky, makes more sense.

I mention the plastic bottle island in Mejico because it was also quiet flexible on the edges, but mostly rigid in the center.


yea to have mangrove roots and fishing net the only fiber component that holds the stuff together (Richi Sowa) is not so great - but pepp that up with tire weave, and cement composite components could work to some point…The problem with those guys is they get so obsessed with a single material - they see everything else as a threat to their “idea” - the solution should be rather expected from a “smart combination of materials” ( some 200) - than a single material.

It can not be all about tires, basalt rebar, geopolymer binder, etc… etc… New-VENICE™ will be built from a smart combination of materials - obviously…


This appears to be intentionally more of a boat or raft than a matt.


But both Richi Sowa and Con Creky are examples of what could be filler or even joint tissue in a floating cluster


Of course neither tire weaving or plastic bottle sequestration are labor-free, therefore the product has a cost (Richi Sowa’s Spiral island i.e. cost was about 3 months per square meter )

What is the cost of the most approximate composite solution (ref. Magdalena?)


@MatiasVolco - i see that exactly the same way - if i would be put in charge to upgrade that totora island to a point where it can float in the ocean - i would make a ring weave around the rim and bottom to hold it together and avoid the material to float apart…then i would spray some floating rock over the ring weave…finally put a couple of concrete beams with reforcement as a keel … something like that…

Or in short i would build it out to a volco ramform…without the inhabitants being interrupted in their dayly life at any point…

… it is not either or and there is no “versus discussion” it is “all of it in a convenient combination”