Playa Chihuahua | Punta del Este | Uruguay

Chihuahua Beach URUGUAY

Playa Chihuahua, an hour away from Montevideo Intl Airport, but located next to protected, creeks and sandbars, is Punta del Este’s most virginal, nature friendly, and international neighborhood (particularly popular with Europeans living an Everlasting Mediterranean Summer by profitting from the reversed seasons in the Watery Hemisphere)

In communion with nature, build an eco beach house you will call home.

this very international suburb is just 15 minutes away from Punta del Este’s downtown Rodeo Dr (Calle 20); marina and shopping mall and choice of megamarts.
The 17th century town of Maldonado is also 15/20 minutes inland.

Chihuahua is a remarkably open-minded and privacy-oriented community, but some rules do apply: no littering and absolutely No Tan Lines!

The neighborhood is located on a forested peninsula between creek and a calm sea bay.

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