Private Island Yacht

Ramform private island, Floating Home and Dock.
We meet at the high seas!

more on ramform concept

Matias Volco

A strong, light shell encloses the entire indoor space and selectively shades the expansive deck area

More on the ramform island concept

Domed small ramform island

Outer Shell, Exterior Aft facing Deck and Dock space, Interior space

small ramform islands different angles

Home sized private island
Dock and Beach Club


island yacht island 游艇设计师 مصمم يخوت فاخرة

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Matias Volco Design Oceanic Business Alliance

Customize it with more freedom than a land building

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Floating House with Dock | Light Honeycomb Concrete Composite | Ocean Colonizaton Technology



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I like the pictures.

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