Ramform Archipelago of Floating Islands

Glad you like it @ellmer

View of light residential or mixed used neighborhood - Matias Volco:

Marina view from balcony in typical medium density apartment building

Ocean Colonization
Floating apartment complex in the background, light residential floating houses in the fore

@admin, Matias a wonderful picture journey that takes the mind from a few initial cells to a single family home, a condo with commercial space, to a marina style development, and finally to a semi industrial area all in interlinked ambients and growing naturally into each other a really great job. Congrats !!

It should be clear for the shareholder and investor that this is big real estate business created from cero. There is money to earn and we have obviously figured out the building process.

Lens Dome Marinea
@Ellmer, Thank you, floating concrete and the light honeycomb technique you developed certainly opens up infinite possibilities. Clearly with this or a similar design we can allow for a lot of Real Estate indistinguishable from waterfront land-based property:

Let’s see how another shape would fit into the cluster, one that would also allow for some “inland” feeling as well through a large central plaza or atrium:

More concepts of an Artificial Island:

<img src="/uploads/db7667/original/1X/4dc36005d69d0135db51044379261f974585477a.jpg" width=“690” height=“306”

aerial views

whow ! great job this is the best work i have ever seen in “making it acessible for the conceptual challanged” (understandable for any borderline “slow fox in the forrest” …) :+1: great work ! keep the good stuff comming !

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In that spirit I added a green rooftop on the slopes around the lens, cascading down to the beach