The New Age of Sail

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" The problems that libertarians are worried about are explored to their ultimate dystopian consequences by non libertarian, Soviet-born Dmitry Orlov. He analyses the possibility of total societal collapse (a scenario where personal freedom would be threatened as much as with the superficially apparent opposite of totalitarian state) and comes very logically to the conclusion that a seaworthy solar propelled vessel (a sailboat) would be the best chance of survival. "

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There are some interesting ways of thinking. These are communicated by
people with physical and practical experience.
I would like to name some if those people: Peter Thiel, Milton Freedman, Garry Casparov,
Elon Musk, … etc.

There are concepts that advocated by them, two of them I would like to mention:

Outcome: possible outcome, probable outcome, desired outcome.

Zero to One: how to get from nowhere to somewhere.

There is a third idea, that I conclude from practical experience and from libertarian ideas:

The recent system does not have to collapse for a new way to appear, and the new way
can coexist in harmony with the old one.

One example to this appears to be AAA, American Automobile Association of Southern California.
AAA of S-Calif deals between governmental entities and individual members.
It is much easier to register a motor vehicle with the assistance of AAA than go to the
DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles of California). Insurance negotiations are much easier
with AAA. And finally, but there could be more things, there are repair shops associated with
AAA and the paper work is all computerized and automatic. All these functions of AAA are
on voluntary base with members. Members can associate and disassociate from AAA.
AAA coexists peacefully with other insurance agencies and governmental entities in the present.
It has been peacefully coexisting in the past, and the future gives no reason to worry.

In my opinion, it would be desirable to produce an association of the New Age of Sail, that
would not calculate on the collapse of the recent system, even though there could be a collapse.
The New Age of Sail could be just an aquatic lifestyle. And it could become independent
of any other systems, at the same time it could peacefully coexist with other systems.

The attraction to this aquatic lifestyle would not be an impending doom, but a happy volunteer
association of enthusiasts. This, in my opinion, could possibly produce a transition of “Zero to One”.

This “Zero to One” is a possible outcome, though I am not sure how probable it is.
For some it could be a “Desired Outcome”.

The present is coastal cruisers.
That is where the money is and manufacturers are for the money. Service people are for the
money too. There are two things with a boat: the price to buy it and the price to keep it.
Those people have the money, who earn it on land. Because they earn it on land those people
are stranded close to their jobs on land. They buy an expensive boat and they keep it in an
expensive marina, and they service their boat at large expense.

The interior of those boats are beautiful, but seaworthiness is not a priority. Long distance
cruising is not a priority either.

The new age of sail would make sailboats work boats. No doomsday is necessary for the
new age of sail. This age can coexist with recent systems at the same time.
But a doomsday might happen anyway.

So closing on a happier note; in my opinion, the “New Age of Sail” might be soon without a

The new age of sail, could be of living on a sailboat and earning value from activities on sea.
The deep blue cruisers carry cargo sometimes. This cargo can be as it is described in the
book of Sailing the Farm. Other times the smallest amount of cargo with the highest value
is drugs. Drug trafficking can carry a high price when authorities get involved, and can
carry a high price, when authorities do not get involved. In my opinion, that is not good for
long term business.

The cost of doing business , in my opinion, is much favorable being in cooperation with the
laws, and rules, and regulations.

Using a sailboat for housing brings housing price down. Docking fees can be high, but when
there are no docking fees, it is a different deal. House price: about $300K, boat price $30K.
It is different kind of living, and people who get seasick probably will not do it.

The boat is also a way of transportation, and a sailboat depends very little on gasoline.

How much would an individual or a family have to earn with no housing cost to end up with
the same amount of money per month living an aquatic lifestyle, compared to a landlubber?

Housing is about $1000-$2000 per month, and transportation is probably $500 per month.
( considering Southern California, USA prices.)
(transportation cost is a car, gasoline, tear and ware, maintenance, insurance, registration)
Aquatic lifestyle is probably $1500-$2500 cheaper than land living, per month.
Average earning on land is about $40K-$50K in disadvantaged areas, and can be around $100K
advantaged areas a year. $50K per year is about $4166 a month.

Some people and families live on much less. Those who do not try to keep up with the Jonses
are usually better off. Valunteer simplicity can be a hobby.

$4166 - $2000 = about = $2000 per month.
Can $2000 per month be earned with aquatic lifestyle activities?
The ring weave activity of building structures with recycled material has a $1.75
tire recycling fee. According the manufacturer of the tire cutting equipment, a cutting
tool can be used to cut 1000 tires a day. That is getting close to $2K if all the recycling fee
is payed to the waste tire recyclers.

What happens after all the structures are built, and there is no more tire recycled and no more
fees? Kelp can be grown on the structures, and kelp can be harvested, ground and dried
and sold as animal feed for land use. Kelp for animal feed would be one of the value producing
activity, but the aquatic lifestyle would not be limited to only kelp growth.
Fishing and sea farming and sea ranching in different forms could coexist and mutually
benefit each other.

Pacific Weave, and ringweave technique, and ringupcycle technique would not cater for
the millionaire lifestyle, but it could make it possible for and average worker to support an
aquatic lifestyle, and at the same time not be locked out or separate from the land way of living.
Meanwhile the millionaire lifestyle could peacefully coexist within the aquatic lifestyle.
All lifestyles could coexists and mutually benefit each other from values produced.

Key terms would be:

agreement with authorities, mutual benefit, minimum effort, maximum efficiency, coexist,
value produced, inclusion,

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There is one interesting thing about these floating structures, that these can be moved.
A structure can be manufactured at one geographic location, and moved (towed) to another one.
Value of the structure can be different at the two location, so value gain, desirable, can
be achieved.
The possibility of moving makes it possible to leave economical disadvantaged location.
Or when regulation are more advantageous at an other geographical location, the possibility
of moving is available.

For example a structure built at the Caribbean can be easily transported to the Azores; Golf Stream.

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