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wonderful place…what is on ?

The often overlooked stretch of coast where the Brazilian Shield of ancient peaceful mountains reach their southernmost point

i have always been convinced that ocean colonization will first happen on one of those serene places where the sea just invites the eye to medidate and go the step further…

There is definitely a “mystic” in Uruguay, opposites approaches coexist without either one eating the other

Access TO the sea, is, obviously there both at the official ports and marinas

in open beaches with easy access to locals, but that tourists by-pass, where everybody minds their own business

and in open beaches right next to private property affordable enough to run a wildlife refuge from your home

It is so necessary to create this picture of the mind what Uruquay is about … what the last picture tells me is that there is “obviously no restricion” to access the oceanic shoreline…

welll to be fair, there is a little bit of restriction if you do something weird 2 feet from the most popular marina in the country and continent waving an orange flag in front of the Uruguayan Coast Guard

But otherwise it’s Beachcober country.

I talked so much about Uruguay, that I got a medal for it from Europe.

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wonderfull place - it deserves a lot more of attention …

@MatiasVolco | congrats for your medal !