Very Large FLoating Structures, steel reinforced concrete caison

Quoted from Ali Duman:


We constructed this floating concrete barge for a shipyard owner, they were planning to use for connection between a jetty and dry dock. 375USD/m2 in 2012.

Floating Concrete Barge

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@aliduman | Ali, the principle of placing real estate space into the structure instead on top of it was also present in the Monaco Breakwater which features a parkhouse under the waterline.

Reference | Reference 2 | Seasteading is underevaluated as investment field |

This makes floating infrastructure even more competitive with landfill - as landfill is limited to buildings on top.
Postulate: Floating Real Estate does not mean real estate square meters “on top of a floating platform” it means real estate troughout the honeycomb structure volume.

That makes the cost per squaremeter figure different.
Postulate: The parkhouse in the Monaco Breakwater is successfully competing with the parkgarages of the surrounding highrise buildings on the local Monaco real estate market.

@Matias | any comment on that ?
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@ellmer Thanks for information, i agree with you. Given (375$/m2) price was according to honeycomb structure volume. I mean, the price is not including mooring details, superstructure works etc., just the floating structure



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The context we begin with is what is already possible and commercially viable using the “Heavy Method” of construction.


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So, Ali what i got so far is, that you have been involved in some of those big floating concrete engineering projects.

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So let us have our conversation here.

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Hi Matias,

This is an important point, thank you. I will try to understand prices through this perspective. Nowadays i am looking for seasteading implementatipn plan, calculations by deltasync. I believe it will help me to understand general concept better.

Thank you for your invitation

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